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Flexible meeting management solutions from Pronestor

4. July 2017


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Flexible meeting management solutions from Pronestor

Managing conference rooms, meeting facilities, resources and catering related to meetings and conferences is a cumbersome task, if you do not have the right tools to perform it. Double booking, missed reservations, lack of relevant equipment (projectors, laptops /tablets, monitors, whiteboards, interactive display, conference call technology etc.) and catering that does not arrive on time (or at all) may ruin the flow and ease, with which a meeting should be orchestrated and carried out. For a small company with a limited amount of employees and only a few meeting rooms, a shared spreadsheet may be a sufficient way to manage the vacancies of the meeting facilities, but as soon as you reach a point where your need to book meeting rooms, catering, video conference calls and even resources such as work stations or vehicles in advance, you will benefit from meeting and resource management software which provides a more coordinated system.


Pronestor offers meeting management software to companies of all kinds and sizes. Whether you are the office manager at a shared officina, a hotel manager or receptionist who needs to keep track of the hotel’s conference facilities and resources, or you just manage your company’s meeting rooms and IT equipment, Pronestor will be able to tailor a solution that fits your specific needs. Pronestors Meeting Management Suite is comprised of the following elements: Pronestor Display (a set of displays placed outside each meeting room which integrates with Pronestor Room and describes what is going on in the meeting room, when the meeting will be over etc.), Pronestor Room (which allows for efficient booking of rooms, making the task easier on your busy staff), Pronestor Catering (making planning of  meeting catering easier for both office- and kitchen staff) and Pronestor Visitor (which gives you the option of having your visitors register upon arrival and unregister at the end of the visit, granting registered visitors free wifi etc.). Please do not hesitate to visit for a more detailed description of our services.